Argentine-born Female Tango dancer, instructor, performer and Choreographer offering exclusive individual and group private and group dance tuition. Monthly Specialised Workshops for Technique, Tango & Milonga

Vibrant, passionate and professional, Kristina is a well- known talent and pioneer of the Tango movement in Australia.

She is a dancer, teacher, director and choreographer of Tango and comprehensive arts training. For over two decades, she has been sharing her passion for tango with students of all ages and all levels.

Kristina is Australia's only Argentine-born female Tango dancer and instructor and has a special talent for creating a fun and inspiring learning atmosphere. Her professional career has developed and matured with intensity and dedication earning her a well-founded reputation as a specialist in the Tango dance and education arena.

Extensive training with some of the greatest tango masters from Argentina has given her a unique capacity to instill and relate to her students. Kristina has a Bachelor degree of Education and a certificate in Holistic Kinesiology, which gives her the ability and ease to explore and create her own efficacious teaching methods.

Her accreditations and highlights in her career are vast and gratifying ranging from international workshops and performances to Choreography in Theatre, Television and Film.



Kristina Diaz and Alex Bryan performing Tango @ Latin 247 May 2013

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Salsa People said...

This is really a nice video, that you have updated here with all of innovative steps that can be very useful for future aspect.
Lots of people want to learn to dance Salsa, but let the dream go once they realize that learning to do it well involves work.
Try out a few classes at a studio nearby! The best way to start is just to take a class. Most studios offer a drop in rate or will let you try a few for free!